Somewhere Along the Line
Release Date: 2006

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Dream On Dream
I Sail Away
More and More
Some Day
Come Down
American Woman
Come Come Ye
Haun's Mill
About the Album

This album was inspired by heritage--by the idea of being and reacting to who I am as a result of my family and ancestors.
The album will ultimately contain at least eleven songs, with Kirk singing the main vocals and playing a lot of keyboard parts, electronic sounds, and an occasional guitar part. Other credits for the album include the following: (Thanks to everyone who helped with this project.)

: drums
Bryce Johnson: electric guitar
Dale Richards: trumpet
Amy Tolk Richards: background vocals
Angie Foster: cello
Emily Ricks: violin
Melanie Richards: viola
Becky Rogers: violin

Produced at:
    Summit Music, Park City,
    Heritage Music, Orem UT

Recording Engineers:
    Bryce Johnson

Mixed and mastered by Bryce Johnson
Produced by J. Kirk Richards

Cover Art by J. Kirk Richards (